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Maili Tatu Village



About the village

Maili Tatu is a village at the foothills of the Mount Kenya. Administratively it belongs to the one of the richest regions – that is why it receives no subventions. It lies on its outskirts, where droughts have scorched land for tha last three years – there was no harvest. The only source of income for its habitants is crushing rock for construction purposes. Everyone does it – even the children. A family is able to earn 200 schillings a day crushing rocks – that is equal to two bowls of bean. There is no electricity in the village. Water has to be carried from 3 kilometers away. It is ususally done by children.

About the school

It’s not only a school – it’s also a social assistance center. What children eat there is often their only meal. It’s also where they seek for medical help and fulfillment of their hygienic needs.

School lacks floors, seats, windows, toilets. Walls are not plastered. There are no basic school books (only one per class). There is no library. School lacks medical aids.

Children Life

Due to economical emigration, diseases and alcoholism many children from Manili Tatu have no parents. Some have grandparents. They usually begin their day with a cup of tea for breakfast. School is open from 8 am to 4 pm. If they won’t eat at school they will not have a meal until evening. After school they usually march to get water, or go to crush rocks. They often won’t attend school on Friday, because trucks collecting rocks arrive on Monday.