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Our Goal

To help those, who need our help the most. Those, who were abandoned not only by their country, but also by their parents. We want to help homeless children from Kenia. We want to build schools and nurseries for them, and through this we want to give hope, that they can go and change the world for better.

About Us

Here we are – the Team leading the newest project of New Hope Africa Foundation – Maili Tatu Is Here. The project focuses on development of children of a particular school in a particular place. We proudly think of ourselves as members of Maili Tatu Tribe.


Pawel Huk

Founder and Director of New Hope Africa Foundation. After years of regular professional activity, he headed for a journey looking for a goal which is beyond ordinary “here and now”. He reached Africa hitchhiking, being engaged in charitable activities in Turkey, Israel and Uganda on the way. He found what he has been aiming for in Kenya, Maili Tatu.


Gerarad Murungi



Emiss Gitonga

Maili Tatu To Tu Project Coordinator.


Radek Polak

Graduate of Poznań Fine Arts Academy, photographer, traveller and co author of a book "Georgian Taste".


Andrzej Bachleda

Born in south of Poland. For many years he was competing at a top world level in Alpine Skiing (5th at the olympic Games in Nagano 1998). Now he is a musician, guitarist, singer and composer and artist painter.


Antoni Pawlicki

Polish Actor. Visited Maili Tatu School in 2015.


Olivier Janiak

Polish journalist and TV presenter.

New Hope Africa Foundation


How it started

It started, as it usually does, by accident. Paweł Huk found himself in Kenya and took orphanage counselor position. He founded New Hope Africa foundation to structure his activities and gain a chance to find financial support. Unfortunately some authorities decided to close down the orphanage. They however assigned foundation aa plot of land in Maili Tatu, neighboring local primary school. And so, instead of taking care of the orphanage, the foundation started to look after school, pupils and their families.

Maili Tatu is here – The newest foundation project

Foundation supports local primary school, which is located in direct vicinity of a place where “New Hope” orphanage will be located in future. Maili Tatu Is Here focuses on acquiring and managing funds for finishing school buildings, nourishment, coverage of educational expenses and healthcare of children from Maili Tatu School.



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