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The list below is only for reference. It tells you what we can afford thanks to your help. However, we reserve the rights to provide your donation to any other urgent needs, pursuant to the foundation’s statute, if so required. We would like to thank you for any gestures of a goodwill. all of them combine into a big change.

Here are the basic ingredients of a diet in Maili Tatu. No one here eats anything else, if they eat at all.


Value of the selected products:

USD Donate


Amount (kg):
0,47 USDBuy
Bananas in Africa grow and bear fruits all over the year – that’s why they are very important in the nutrition of people in Africa.


Amount (kg):
2,72 USDBuy
The nshima on the plate is the most important part of the meal. This pulp, made with corn flour, strongly resembles potato puree and tastes like overcooked rice. In Maili Tatu everyone loves nshima.


Amount (kg):
0,47 USDBuy
Ugali is the main corn-based dish – a thick pulp, served to our children with sprouts of spinach or sukuma wiki. Diet of children in Maili Tatu is based mostly on ugali.


Amount (kg):
0,76 USDBuy
Onion is quite popular in Kenyan nutrition. We use sunflower oil mostly for dinner preparation.


2,60 USDBuy
We use sunflower oil mostly for lunch preparation.


Amount (kg):
0,69 USDBuy
Often served as a githeri – a stew made of red beans, potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and – optionally – meat.
School Kit for a year

School Kit for a year:

54,50 USDBuy
You can buy a whole set of handbooks and notebooks for one child, for the period of one year.
School Kit for a trimester

School Kit for a trimester:

18,17 USDBuy
If this costs too much, it is possible to buy a set of set of handbooks and notebooks for one child, for the period of one trimester.
Uniforms and socks

Uniforms and socks:

11,85 USDBuy
In Public Schools in Kenia, it is obligatory for children to wear uniforms. Uniforms of Maili Tatu’s Children were in use for definitely too many generations.
Sanitary pad

Sanitary pad:

7,11 USDBuy
Girls in Maili Tatu maturate quite early. While menstruation, they often skip the school. They feel ashamed, and afraid of stains on their uniforms.